Best Websites for Men’s Products

Cool stuff for guys…

…if someone were to ask you what this was, you’d realize that we’re really quite simple creatures.

As men, we like very specific things: women, beer, gear, gadgets, tools, cars, etc.

Some evil, and likely rich, genius came up with the idea to create a website that sells (with a few obvious exceptions) all the things we love.

This list is all the best sites to spend your extra cash.

Websites With Cool Stuff For Guys



Werd. is one of the best looking sites on the web.

Recent Products:

  1. BBQ Toolbox
  2. Wilson Smart Basketball

Great Non-Product Posts:

  1. Roast Chicken, Apple and Brie Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  2. Grilled Cilantro, Lime & Paprika Corn on the Cob


Huckberry brings the double threat: an awesome blog and great products you won’t find elsewhere.

If I were to sum up Huckberry in one word, it would be adventure. They sell products that are begging to be outside making you like Huckleberry Finn himself. I’m thinking that there’s something behind the name…

Recent Products:

  1. Ultimate Survival Pod
  2. Homemade Gin Kit

Great Non-Product Posts:

  1. Shelter: Colorado Treehouse
  2. A Man’s Guide to Weddings


Well if you guessed that they provide men with a monthly “man pack” of new underwear, socks, razors and other men’s essentials you’d be absolutely correct. They’re affordable, easy and ensure that you don’t leave your house looking and smelling like a caveman.

His Potion

His Potion boasts some of the highest quality photographs on the web.

The site is the perfect mix of products, women, and generally entertaining posts. Their weekly post, the Friday Inspiration, is guaranteed to start your weekend off right.

Recent Products:

  1. Rhino Axe Utility Tool
  2. Scratch and Sniff Mint Denim

Great Non-Product Posts:

  1. Friday Inspiration #55
  2. 50 Hot Surf Girl Photos


best website - gamertelligence 1

Gamertelligence is your one-stop site for game reviews, walkthroughs, cheats, and more. If you’re any kind of gamer—whether you’re playing five minutes a week on Facebook or dedicating your weekends to your X Box—you can go here to find out which games are worth playing and how to play them.

Whether you’re wondering about that game your friends are playing on social media or you need help getting past some big bad boss in your favorite app game, Gamertelligence can help, and keep you amused at the same time.

Recent Products:

  1. Not really a product site, but check out their reviews, including There Is No Game to see whether it’s worth a play.
  2. Megaman Zero review.

Great Non-Product Posts:

  1. Everwing beginner’s guide
  2. How to play Idle Heroes


best mens websites - the unbox

When you’re ready to commit to a monthly subscription for something you love, it’s time to take a look at the Unbox.

Unbox provides reviews and deals on some of the best subscription boxes on offer right now. Whether you want to get craft beer delivered to your home or find the best survival box for your training against the zombie apocalypse, you’ll find everything on offer at Unbox.

Recent Products:

  1. The Best Geek Box
  2. Hopsy Beer Subscription Review

Great Non-Product Posts:

  1. This is a product-focused site, but there are often deals and promos, so check back for those!

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